It’s no surprise that everything around the game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is hot news, not only the developer reported excellent sales figures recently, but we were also surprised to see it become the second game with the largest number of players simultaneously connected to the platform Steam throughout history.

Besides the rumors of a possible arrival to the consoles platform, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has begun its walk within the eSports; Several organizations are starting to focus on this game, as well as tournament organisers  create their own competitions such as the TGX with the Corsair Battlegrounds League or the ESL with its Invitational at the Gamescom.

In Wizards we understand the importance of the game and the repercussion that it can have within the eSports industry, so we advance to the events and sign our new professional roster, which has already demonstrated its quality by winning in the first qualifier for the TGX in squad mode and with four of its members competing at the individual level, consisting of:

Cristian  “ Impeinable” Gomez – @GomezgCristian

Iñaki “ Samad”  Luna – @IakiLuna

Yeray “Pyrofrost” Luna – @PyrofrostHD

Diego “Dieguitovr” Velita – @dieguitordy

Raúl “LinderztwKING “ Medina  – @linderztwlol

Victor Marcial “ Snipah” Garrido – @SsnipahH

Team manager

Alfonso Ignacio “ Ra1DeN” Martínez – @alfmagar

We have a few words from some of our members:

Cristian “Impeinable” Gomez Captain:

“First of all, we would like to thank Wizards for this great opportunity. It is such a great honor for me and for all my team to be part of Wizard’s first ever PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team, we are counting the days for the season to begin, to be able to return the trust they have deposited in us , by achieving all the objectives that we set and with our focus on the International scene as well.

Alfonso Ignacio “Ra1DeN” Martínez Team Manager:

It is a pleasure and a real pride to be able to work in a club with the popularity and history of Wizards. I will definitely give 200% of my time and work so that this comes to fruition and we can reap many successes together. I can not wait to start working with the guys under the club name. #FeelTheMagic!