«This partnership will allow us to have a complete solution for the collection, analysis and interpretation of data.»

In the eSports sector, an increasingly demanding world, we seek to improve processes and offer the best solutions to meet the demands and needs of our followers and collaborating companies.

In Wizards we have taken note of these needs and we have partnered with the best streaming analytics service, becoming the first club nationwide to use the services of Stream Hatchet (founded in Spain owned by Millennial Esports corp. ), company whose objective is to create the most complete platform for the treatment of content analytics and live transmission.

Stream Hatchet collaborates daily with large companies internationally (Some examples are Xbox, EA, Dreamhack …), mainly in the North American market, and now wants to go a step further, entering into the European market hand in hand with an historic Club as Wizards. This movement represents a great step forward in the professionalization of the sector, both for the club and for the competitive national scene.

Stream Hatchet, carries out a complete analysis of the activity of platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Mixer or Smashcast. This includes streaming statistics for each game, number of viewers, followers and live chat analysis. They can segment the audience of each game to identify new viewers and recurring viewers. All this data is stored on their servers to be viewed and compared over time. They also offer a complete set of widgets for the display of statistics in real time of the transmission either through your website or through your APP and even the possibility of conducting long-distance advertising campaigns.

This is a complete solution for the analysis and data management, which includes the possibility of generating customized reports with details of the brand impact as well as the analysis of the performance generated by the advertising campaigns through video transmission platforms , so the result is much more intuitive to the analysis of the measurements and key performance indicators to facilitate the calculation of ROI for companies that work in collaboration with Wizards Esports Club.

With this agreement, the first of its kind in the Spanish market, Wizards aims to be a benchmark both in the competitive scene and in the data treatment, aiming to ease the entrance for non-endemic brands that are being seduced more frequently by this opportunity.