What is your role within Wizards? What tasks do you perform?

My main role is the sports director of Wizards and basically my functions within the club are planning and monitoring teams and players. All aspects are important when deciding … Analysis of current teams, active players, “retired” players with options to compete again at a high level, meetings with players and teams that we believe are important for the project, hiring , needs of each and every one of our players and of course, that bit of psychology that every player may need. In short, the person in charge of providing the means and stability so that the athletes can develop their task in the best possible way.

We recently incorporated an Overwatch team, what led the sports staff to decide to bet on this game?

I have always been a supporter of new projects with high level players. I know several of the players from previous projects and know the potential they can achieve. Without a doubt a team with new blood, desire and the hunger for titles that they may have is one of the best assets that could currently be considered. Little time it took me to decide this option and comment it to the rest of the Staff.

The Call of Duty team is very experienced and eager to return to the top of the picture. Do you think it is a risky bet after what happened in the Call of Duty section?

Risky? , No. Each team is a world and each case is special. We know that what happened in the previous stage was caused by a couple of players and should not happen again. We have to trust the players we have and go to death with them. It’s just a matter of time before our guys are among the best again.

The sign of Wizards is the CSGO, after our affair with the Danes, do you think that this game can return to the club in the short term?

As you know, the CSGO scene is unstable, and with terrible conditions, do you think it is a good time to bet on the counter in our country?

Well, without a doubt it is one of the games that most headaches are giving me when it comes to joining the club. When I think there may be something … Either it twists at the last minute or the expectations of the players, even without showing anything, are excessively high.

As for the time to bet on Cs: Go … it’s always a good time, you just have to know who to talk to, get to do a good project and get it going. We are in a moment where it seems to grow quite fast. We must participate in this growth and support the rest of the community to continue growing. Time will tell or remove the reason … But being a game where everything started for me … I will certainly accept the challenge.

Our country is growing more and more, and competitive games have more and more impact.
Will we see any bet on a different game?

We are working on several projects to incorporate them into the club and although they are not new to the community, they are new to Wizards. No doubt they will not pass without making noise. Few games really reach a high competitive level and have a great acceptance and repercussion. Here you do not have to invent anything, you just have to adapt and know what are the priorities when it comes to incorporating new equipment.