“With training and effort I assure you that everything arrives”.

In Wizards’ writing, we had the pleasure of being able to interview David Ruiz, better known as NeGrho in the competitive Rocket League scene, which has left us with several headlines and some advice.

Q. The Rocket League preseason has been an ongoing exchange of players and teams, how do you see these team roster changes, especially with regards to Wizards?

R. I’m not very keen to make changes to the roster, but if you have to keep in mind that changes are sometimes necessary to improve competitiveness. For this season we have decided to choose 4 players that, according to what we have analyzed, can have a great level of face to the national and European scene. Adri, Estrupa, Rubik and our latest addition Alejandro “Erale001”, is the squad with which we are going to tell this year. I am very happy to see how they work and we hope to get the most out of the tournaments we will play.

Q. Do you think that the current situation of the national competitive is the best? How could the Spanish scene improve?

R. The national competitive has a long way to go if you compare it with the American competitive, but you have to keep your feet on the ground. In Spain eSports are somewhat slower than in other countries, but I am optimistic and I think that by working and doing things well we can get to get a good national competitive.

I think that to improve the Spanish scene you would have to look a lot more for the clubs that bet on Rocket League, without the contribution of these, we would not have teams, neither in face-to-face events nor visibility in online events.

Q. As a team, what are your main objectives for the new season in the short and long term?

In the short term right now we do not have objectives, since we are in a total restructuring of the team, this includes even a change in the style of play, but all we are training now is to have a good role in the next world championships, all the teams of the scene look for the same, enter the Rocket League Championship Series.

Q. What team / teams do you see stronger this season?

R. On a national level, I think X6 has a great team and they promise a lot, Team Endurance is another team that I follow very closely because their style of play I like a lot and they are getting good results in the national and European, Golden Hawks are always a team to consider because of their strength in competitions, maybe it’s my Top 3 nationally. Internationally I have always been a fan of Method (especially Alot) and that is why my eyes do not look the other way if they are competing.

Q. Could you give us some advice for those of us who are starting in the Rocket League?

R. Play all game modes and above all be respectful with your rivals and teammates, I usually apply a phrase that listens to the former manager of Unicorns Of Love, LCS EU lol team: “Be respectful and play all possible combinations, that way when your team needs something that is lacking you can find it in you and treat the rivals well, because maybe in the future you will have to share equipment with them and your signing will be stopped because you have had problems in the past “.

With training and effort I assure you that everything arrives.