“The beginnings are very hard and nobody will be world champion taking three months in the competitive”

In the writing of Wizards, We had the pleasure of being able to interview Yassir Kaffouf, better known as rOGUEin the competitive Hearthstone scene, which has left us with several headlines and some advice.

P. Yassir. The preseason has been quite movidita, with signings included, As a team, what are your main objectives for the new season in the short and long term?

R. In the short term we are working to be able to work well as a team, we have signed a player who does not speak Spanish, although he understands it and an excellent Magic player who has not competed in HS but has already given some result and the fear that always you have is that with the change of staff of a team that had 2 years together, some do not adapt, fortunately that has not been the case.
In the long term, the goal is to try to get the team to go out and compete in Europe, it is the most difficult part of the project because of what it implies, but also the most attractive part.

Q. Do you think that the current situation of the national competitive is the best? How could the Spanish scene improve?

R. On the one hand, the situation is terrible, the game is very badly taken care of both by organizations and clubs, some of the best national teams have decided to stop betting on HS and that in the end is a reflection of the situation of the game, and in some aspects by Blizzard itself, it is a very sad situation, on the other hand, compared to other European countries, such as Portugal, we are much better, basically because they only have Taverns.
It could be improved in many things, some of the most important I think they would be: the seriousness in the national leagues and tournaments, decent conditions in the contracts of the players and firm bets of the teams for / with the game, that kind of thing, obviously HS is not the LOL, it is an expensive game to maintain for the impact it gives, but when you see the amount of good players that there are no team in Spain or having to accept regrettable conditions, you realize how bad the game is at the national level.

Q. What do you think of the current Wizards team members?

A. The current Hearthstone team is composed of players that I personally chose to be part of my project, so my opinion, obviously, is very good. Taking together about two months together, I think I chose the right people.

Q. It has just announced the Wild Open 2018, How do you see this tournament and do you think it is an example to follow for future competitions?

A. I think the format and the way of proposing the tournament is excellent, try to bring some freshness to a game that is not too attractive for the viewer and in a different goal than the current one. I think it’s going to be a pretty competition, it’s been a long time since I got excited about watching an HS tournament, but I’ll see it.
On whether it will be an example for other competitions, personally I think it would be good to have wild tournaments more often, but from a competitive point of view they are useless unless you are a wild player, your goal is to try to go to the world or win a Dreamhack, not a wild tournament.

Q. What do you think about the current meta-game?

R. The goal that we have currently is for a few weeks, is a goal that I call “no man’s land” because it is the one between the nerfeos and the rotations that will be in March or April, so everything is a bit provisional. Personally I think that after having been in a goal where only three decks were played, we are in one that is more pleasant for the player, it is a fairly open goal.

Q. Could you give us some advice for those of us who are initiating in the HS?

R. I want to make it clear that this is not the key to success, it is what I think could be good for the players who are starting: I would recommend working a lot with streams, some professional players work with them to not burn playing and have quite good results, I also think that not pressing in a silly way is important as well as being always realistic, the beginnings are very hard and nobody will be world champion taking three months in the competitive and as a last tip play many arenas to try a good pool of cards as soon as possible.