Our Hearthstone team advances to the final phase of the ArmaTeam tournament, which will take place on April 14 in the city of Paris.

After a long second phase, we achieved the main objective, to move to the final phase at the Belushi in Paris, where the current champion (ArmaTeam), Sector One and Redworld await us. Three great teams that all they do is motivate us in this last process to get the victory.

The team consisting of Tsunamylost, ToniRamis, Inramous, DrBoom and Espumito will have to face, to go to the final, the RedWorld team.

We had the opportunity to talk to our Hearthstone manager, rOGUE, about this great feat and asked him how he sees the remaining teams

rOGUE: “The guys have been great, controlling nerves and playing at a great level. All the teams that remain in the tournament are first level teams. This Weapon Team that is the current Champion Sector One that is the best Belgian team and Redworld that sponsors the Monaco and have come far playing very well. I think that seeing our trajectory we can continue to dream of winning it because we have only lost one series in three games and we are playing at a very good level. Those who have the pressure are them because they are the ones who have huge organizations behind “.