They will be the only Spaniards who will compete for one of the 3 places at the final of PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin with a prize pool of 2 Million Euros.

The final of European qualifier It will be held on June 29th and July 1st at the Haymarket in Leicester, the city where the ESL headquarters is located in the United Kingdom and with capacity for more than 1,000 attendees and where the European Masters of LoL was recently held.

After the 3 weeks of online competition and reducing the number of teams over 600 to only a score, the players of the oldest active club in the country, achieved the long-awaited pass to the final qualifying phase, this time in person.

After a total of 18 rounds played over 6 days and with marathon days, consistency and teamwork have been rewarded over individual brilliance. Wizards players have managed to get into the list of the 20 best teams in the tournament. List in which are the teams of the likes of Faze Clan, Knights, Alliance, Method, Rogue or Penta Esports.

It is the first time that a competition of PUBG & # x2122; is organized by the own PUBG Corp. that has been deeply involved in the development of the competitive scene of its, at the moment, only title and that has contributed a great production and a number of prizes of high consideration for both the regional qualifiers , where 100,000 euros are distributed by region, as well as for the grand final in which the prizes increase to 2 million. The 3 European teams will be joined by 3 teams from North America, 3 teams from Asia, 2 from the CIS region, 2 from the Republic of Korea, 2 from China and 1 from Oceania.

We have spoken with the squad captain of PUBG Mikel “Aros” Arostegui, to ask how they approach this challenge;

“The truth is that it has been 3 weeks of many emotions and especially to learn from our mistakes against teams of great renown. Now it’s time to study, train and prepare with great enthusiasm this final phase in which surprise is our main goal.

We supply our lack of international experience with a lot of work, but we do not give up competing at the highest level. We hope to get one of the three places for Berlin and show that the Spanish scene can compete face to face against the best in the world. “

During the next three weeks the team will carry out specific training, in addition to a bootcamp to prepare thoroughly. We hope that the Spanish fans support us during the 3 days of competition where we will play all for everything.