6K Skin becomes the new official sponsor of the Wizards Esports Club, designing its new kit and betting stronger than ever on the world of Esports.

At Wizards Esports Club we are known for working collaboratively and tirelessly, with an entrepreneurial and dynamic philosophy. Our passion for electronic sports and our competitive spirit have led us to join our paths and start a new stage with 6K Skin. 6K Skin will be in charge of dressing our players with an exclusive design in which every detail has been taken care of. Our players will have a complete kit (shirt, trousers and sweatshirt) prepared for the high performance required for the esports competitions. Both the pattern and textures and fibers have been tested by professionals in the sector and fabrics have been sought with the necessary properties to increase player performance, sustainable fabrics made through recycled materials such as fishing nets
that, in addition, facilitate breathability.

From Wizards Esports Club we also bet for sustainability and we do it with our new sponsor, committed to using products with minimal environmental impact and free of heavy metals that pollute our rivers. And despite the fact that Wizards Esports Club is one of the longest running clubs on the national scene we always bet on innovation and new trends that help us optimize the performance of our players.

About 6K Skin
6K SKIN was born out of passion for the world of eSports. In his own words, “we have the mission to dress the gamer, to improve his game and spread this authentic style in society, to give him that look with which he feels comfortable, confident and authentic”.

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