Today is a very important day for me, my entry as a sports psychologist becomes official in a club as important as Wizards Esports Club.

For anyone who has a long time in this sector will know that Wizards has always been a reference for their equipment, values ​​and personal treatment, besides being a very important club at the national level and with an international presence. From my beginnings in this world back in 1999 when I did not even know what I wanted to be in life, I was clear that in the future I would like to become part of this.

We all dream of being good at some game and becoming professionals, but there comes a day when we have to put our feet on the ground and move to the side. Our moment as players has passed and has not borne fruit, so why not help the rising generations so that they can make the most of themselves? and that’s how I made the decision to specialize by mixing my professional career as a psychologist with my hobbie that I have been so passionate about and that I have dedicated so many hours to, esports.

Personally working in Wizards represents a great responsibility and respect as well as great enthusiasm and personal motivation. Under the role of sports psychologist within a team, I will be in charge of evaluating the emotional situation, cognitive processes and behaviors of both players and managers, analyze how they work, see what points can be improved and work every day to get this improvement . It is vital to be responsible for the environment, that communication is always adequate and meet both individual and group needs finding the best possible solution so that they can always perform at the highest level.

Many people may ask themselves, why a psychologist in a sports club? The players are people after all and what characterizes us is emotionality. On any given day we are not aware of the amount of emotional changes we can have, but when it comes to competing in a game where the psychological factor occupies a large proportion, it is very important to master it. Having a good or bad day, the impulses that we have, emotional outbursts, letting ourselves be guided by our hunches … can decide for seconds the outcome of a meeting.
Therefore, having in the team a person who is capable of taking care of and keeping these aspects stable, in addition to fostering a good relationship and communication between team members, a key and fundamental aspect) can make a difference in the games and help the team to be more regular over time.

My goal in Wizards is that the people who deal with me can be impregnated with all those tools that will help them improve and not just at the level of the game but also on a personal level in their day to day. It is necessary that we all continue learning in the way of life, that leads us to improve and to end up forming us as good people.
Although William James already said it in his day: “The great discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their mental attitudes.”

Our generation has been the first to be scientifically interested in important issues related to well-being. Studies say that we have changed the way we interpret the world. For example, today we know the enormous power that our attitude has over the state of mind. We also know that happy people do not have certain circumstances in common, but rather a particular way of seeing the world.
Wizards Esports Club has always grown up with the values ​​of humility and hard work for the flag, without ever losing the essence that distinguishes them; the passion for electronic sports and the competitive spirit.
I have tried to discover what magic means in life, because I believe that there is magic in everything that surrounds us. In Wizards the magic is in every corner and in every person that composes it, you just have to know how to observe carefully.

Thank you for this opportunity and all the people who have supported and helped me so that today a server can be here, I will be eternally grateful.


David “ngr” Sánchez, Wizards Esports Psychologist