The club takes a decisive step forward in its integration into the major competitions in Spain with the incorporation of the former core of the CSGO team: Rushmid / Divergentes for the upcoming competitions of La Copa, Superliga Orange of CSGO and ESEA Advanced, this acquiring the place achieved in the last qualifiers made by the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional.

In line with the growth and strategy of the Club, we decided to maintain our commitment to this competitive title that has given us so many joys in the past and betting on a mix of young talent and consolidated players of the scene, we are aware of the challenge of facing much more experienced and talented teams, but we will try to provide our training experience to help the team achieve the best results.

Therefore, the roster that will defend the Wizards Club colors will be:

Daniel “v1NCHENSO7” Adan Rodríguez como capitán.
Ignasi “Ryd3r-” Miró I Sabugal
Adolfo “Fit1nho” Gallego Hermida
Daniel “KALAS” Ginard Perello
Vlad “Kiles” Shvets
Daniel “Bubbeeels” Sifre Garcia como suplente.
Arantza “Nyumeh” López Mérida como team manager.

In words of Max Dalmau, CEO of the Club:

“It is always a pleasure at the same time as a challenge to return to the game that saw this Club shine, we know that we will not have it easy, but we wanted to bet on this team in a complicated moment for the scene, with the intention that this is the basis of a solid and future project that allows us to compete to win the Superliga Orange Champion title ”.

Our captain v1NCHENSO7 wanted to share some words before the announcement:

“I am very proud that Wizards has given us the opportunity to represent them, this name means a lot in cs and we are well aware of it. It is something decisive when facing this season ”.

We hope you give them a warm welcome in the purest style of Wizards and that you receive them with open arms so they can feel our #FeelTheMagic.

See you on the server!