Dear User,

WIZARDS is concerned about you and your legal rights over Internet. For this reason, and accomplishing with the actual Spanish legislation, we are going to indicate you all the legal issues related to this website like who is behind it, what are the rules that apply on it or whose are the authors of the content that appear on the website.

For this reason, we encourage you to read the followings Terms of Use even before your start your navigation on the website.


1. Legal information

1. 1. Website owner (hereafter, The Website) and its blog is owned by WIZARDS ESPORTS CLUB S.L. (hereafter, WIZARDS) domiciled in Almogavers nº166 1r 1a, 08018 – Barcelona, society registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, Tomo: 45836, Folio: 29, Sección: 8, Hoja Registral: 500534, Inscripción: 1, with Fiscal Identification Code (CIF): B66975491.

To contact, the User can use the following email direction or WIZARDS social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Linkedin or Youtube).

We inform that the presents Terms of Use are related to the following domains:

Social Networks:

1. 2. Aims and proposes of this website.

WIZARDS is a club dedicated to the professional competition of electronic sports or e-Sports. For this reason, WIZARDS have e-Sports players who compete in physical or online, over different championships, tournaments or events. In addition, WIZARDS has a network of streamers and collaborators linked to the world of videogames that represent the club in different ways.

The purpose of this web page is to provide and facilitate the access of the sport, institutional and social information of the club, as well as the products and services of WIZARDS or third sponsors and/or collaborators provide.

2. Using terms

2.1. Acquisition of user status

With the only fact of entering on the web, the person is acquiring the status of “User” and is accepting all the related with the presents Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2.2. Use of the page by the Users

Apart from all this Legal Notice provides, the user undertakes not to use this website for illicit or harmful purposes or to perform acts that, in anyway, could cause prejudice or impede the normal functioning of this website.

The USER also assumes the responsibility for all the comments that they could make on the Web Page. In this specific case, the USER undertakes to make appropriate use of the contents and to not use to disseminate content of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal, terrorism apology, violation of human rights or to damage the image the interests and / or rights of the WIZARDS or third parties. For this, the USER is informed that the website has a service to report and control the comments provided.

In turn, the User also agrees to not perform any conduct that could damage the image, interests and/or rights of WIZARDS or third parties.

2.3. Risks

2.3.1.Access and navigation to this website is done by the user’s own risks. The User is the only responsible for adopting and using the appropriate mechanisms that can avoid or mitigate any risks that could emerge from the navigation of the website.

2.3.2. Although WIZARDS undertakes to keep updated all the information showed in this website, it is not liable for any damages caused to users by the taking of decisions based on the information and contents reflected on its website.

2.4. Link policy

2.4.1. Intern link

Inside The Website, WIZARDS can provide links to third party websites. The purpose of these links could be very different: expand the information displayed, show the products or services of an affiliate or even facilitate the contracting of some product or service. In any case, the display of a link does not imply the existence of a relationship between WIZARDS and the owner of the linked website.

Although WIZARDS always try to link to websites that offers the maximum guarantees to the Users, it does not mean that WIZARDS could be responsible for any result or bad experience derived to the access to such links.

However, if it is detected that that a link or the website pointed are not reliable or not show trust information, the User could let us know by sending a reasoned note to the email account indicated in point 1 of this Terms.

2.4.2. External Links

WIZARDS forbid all the links to The Website from defamatory, pornographic, racist or any other pages that could content false or harmful information to WIZARDS or to any of its collaborators.

If the User want to establish a link to any of the The Website URLs, consent must be requested by sending an email to the address indicated in point 1 of this Legal Notice.

2.4.3. External websites

When a User access to a website by a link provided by The Website, this will be submitting to the rules of use, privacy policies and other legal provisions governing the website accessed.

2.5. Alteration of this Terms of Use

WIZARDS reserves the right to modify the presents Terms of Use in order to adapt it to all the changes that deems appropriate.

In case of modification, the User will be notified by updating the “last date of update” point provided in the initial part of this Terms.

3. Intellectual Property Policy

3.1. Ownership of the intellectual rights of the content

WIZARDS holds the exclusive ownership or a using license granted by the third parties who own the rights, that allows it to exploit all the contents and graphic elements (such as images, sounds, texts, logos, videos, software, source code…) that are provided in this website.

All the contents that appear in the present web page are protected by the current legislation for marks, intellectual property, copyright and other applicable laws that enforce in the Spanish territory.

3.2. Limits and forbids related to the content.

3.2.1. Access to contents does not transfer rights.

The access to the contents present of this website and protected by intellectual property laws by the user does not suppose the transmission of any right or license on the same. In case of using any content, the User must accomplish to all the forecasts and limitations displayed in this Terms. The User also must follow the current legislation that applies in the place of residence.

3.2.2. Exploitation rights

Reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available to the general public or any other exploitation action of the copyrights contained in this page is forbidden without the written consent of the owner.

To obtain this consent, the interested party must send an e-mail to the address indicated in point 1 of this Terms.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1. Normative Compliance

The maintenance of the privacy, confidentiality and security of our User’s personal data are very important factors for WIZARDS. For this reason, we want to inform our Users that in this website it can be captured personal data with the aim of developing some purpose related to the website.

That personal data, as is established by current legislation on the protection of personal data of Spain, will be protected by technical and organizational measures that seek to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of those data. Such measures, however, should be adopted taking into account the state of the technology at the time of adoption and the nature of the data to be processed.

Said all that, WIZARDS informs its Users that their personal data will be collected in a file of ‘WEB USERS’ and that it will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Data Protection (hereinafter, LOPD) and in the Development Regulation of the LOPD, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December (hereinafter RLOPD).

4.2. Capture of data and purposes

4.2.1. WIZARDS only will have access to personal data provided by the User. Such personal data will be captured by informing Users of such fact.

4.2.2. WIZARDS will collect and provide automated processing of data through the contact and consultation form provided on the website, as well as through the emails indicated on the page.

4.2.3. Specifically, the e-mails referred to in the previous point are the corporate emails of employees and : y

4.2.4 The collection of personal data will have the purpose of managing, administering, providing, expanding and improving the services that the User has decided to access or request in the website.

4.2.5. In case of contracting of the ticket booking services referred on the website, the processing of that data will be governed by the rules and policies of the specific website that has been accessed to request the service.

4.3. User’s rights

In accordance with the LOPD, the Users have the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of their personal data against WIZARDS.

In order to exercise these rights, the User, or his accredited legal representation, must send an application addressed to WIZARDS by ordinary mail or email to the addresses indicated in point one of the Legal Terms of Use, providing a copy of his DNI or document proving the representation.

4.4. User’s duties

The User guarantees that the personal data provided to WIZARDS are true and actually. Also, the User is responsible for communicating to WIZARDS any changes in them.

5. Cookie Policy: this website does not use cookies

Cookies are informatics files that are downloaded and installed on the device (computer, mobile, tablet …) of the user that visits a web page. These cookies are created because of a page code that orders them to do it. The purpose of cookies is usually to facilitate the browsing or web experience of the user (own technical cookies), although it could be used by third party to know information of the User (third party cookies) such as statistical data or user behaviour.

According to article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSI), service providers could use dispositive of storage and recovery of data (such as cookies) in user’s devices only when they have previously informed them of the existence and utility of it devices and the users have given their consent to use them. This obligation should only be accomplished when the cookies effectively become downloaded and installed on the user’s computer.

5.1. Type of cookies that The website use

In the follow list are included the details, purpose, type and classes of cookies that have been implemented in the Web Page:

5.1.1. Own Cookies

Platform: Web
Name of the cookie: sg-cookie-disclaimer
Purpose: To verify that the USER has accepted the privacy policy.
Shelf life: 1 year.

5.1.2. Third-party cookies

Platform: Google
Cookie name: _ga
Purpose: Analytical. It is installed when the USER navigates the Web Page for the first time. It serves so that the USER has already entered and computing the times it does
Shelf life: 2 years.

5.2. How to delete cookies

If the USER wishes to uninstall the cookies from his own browser, the follow links will help to consult, depending on the type of browser, how to do it:

On Google Chrome –
On Safari –
On Firefox –
On Internet Explorer –
On Opera –

In any case, the USER must take into account that uninstalling cookies from the browser may make it difficult or prevent access or navigation to certain parts of the Website.

6. Social Networking Policy

WIZARDS has profiles on some social networks. As an example, you can indicate the following: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Linkedin o Youtube. In these social networks, WIZARDS will be able to deal with the data of its users, followers, subscribers or fans for informative, communicative or even advertising purposes.

In any case, WIZARDS will not extract information from social networks, except when it is strictly necessary to provide one of its services. Prior to such use, the affected User will be informed.

7. Network security

WIZARDS has been equipped and uses security systems to ensure the optimal functioning of its website. However, by the present point we want to inform the user that WIZARDS is not responsible for reckless conduct on the part of the user that reduction the safety level created.

8. Exclusions

This Terms of Use only applies to the information published and on the processing of data made in this webpage. WIZARDS is not responsible, in any case, for damages and losses of any nature that could originate by:

  • An illicit, negligent, fraudulent or contrary use of the information displayed on this Terms of Use.
  • A lack of availability, maintenance or effective operation of the web.
  • The existence of malware or harmful program existent in the contents of the web or linked pages.
  • The lack of legality, quality, reliability, utility and availability of services provided by third parties and made available to users on the website.

9. Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

The presents Terms of Use are covered by Spanish legislation. In case of conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of the points on it, Barcelona’s Courts will be the competent to administrate justice.

In addition, the user can also submit their claims on resolution platform provided by the European Commission that is available at the following link: